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So yesterday, I ran away from home, got to New York City at like 9 PM, and by 3 PM today, I’m employed. It’s crazy because Ippudo is the only restaurant I wanted to work at last year but because of school work decided to hold off.

Why did I doubt myself? If there’s one thing I’m good at, after not giving a shit, it’s time management. Even though I have one of the toughest schedules ever fall semester (as confirmed by the Stern student advising team), I’m confident I’ll be able to handle it. I always make room for things I love. And I love nothing more than Japanese food and working in food service. If the pay were just a little better, I’d be a waitress for the rest of my life.

Training starts soon and I’m beyond excited. Ippudo is a great restaurant and definitely the best in East Village. God, their ramen is so good and now I can finally explore their crazy appetizers. I really think I was meant to work here. Everything—the timing, my experience in both food service and at a modelling agency—was perfect. Even the manager said “it was fate”.

I’m back on track.

P.S. I’m dropping Finance for good. Hello Marketing, Management, and Organizations.

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